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Our Novato Club location includes over 20,000 square feet of exercise space indoors and 5,000 square feet outdoors. There is an indoor basketball court, yoga room, Pilates studio and an outdoor cycling deck. The gym has a large cardio room with treadmills, ellipticals and bikes. The downstairs gym has Hammer Strength plate-loaded equipment and Keiser Performance Trainers and there are two power lifting wood platforms. The outside space has approximately 50 yards of athletic turf and a large rig with 3 stations for bench press, squats, or deadlifts. The rig has bars for strength and agility movements. There is also a cardio area with self-powered machines.

The remodeled locker rooms have oversized digital lockers, showers, and saunas. Towels and amenities are provided. Enjoy the sports massages for those areas that need attention.

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Mill Valley Club

1530 Center Rd
Novato, CA 94947

Mon – Fri 6am to 9pm
Sat – Sun 7am to 5pm

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Novato Small Group Training

Total Body Strength

Mondays @ 9am

Our Total Body Strength class is designed to improve mobility, increase your strength and build lean muscle all while building a strong foundation using different modalities and training variables. We place emphasis on mindful movement and proper movement mechanics. There are options available given for most fitness levels.

Pilates Props

Mondays @ 5pm, Wednesdays @ 9:30am

Our Pilates Prop Workouts are designed to provide a holistic muscle conditioning experience using the Pilates magic circle, theraband, roller, and/or the various Pilates balls. With more and less assistance or exercise intensity we can easily cater a workout to your individual needs. We will do all the familiar Pilates mat work with the extra zest that the Pilates Props bring to add fun challenges to each workout.

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Metabolic Conditioning

Mondays & Wednesdays @ 6pm, Fridays @ 9am

Our Metabolic Conditioning class is designed to send your calorie burn into overdrive while you are being coached on proper movement mechanics. Optimize your fitness level while incorporating integrative movements to build muscle and improve your endurance. Options available for most fitness levels. Get sweaty, get stronger, and get ready to burn.


Tuesdays @ 10am

TRX was invented by a Navy Seal with the goal of being able to get a total body weight workout while also being able to travel internationally. Using your weight for fitness allows you to transition smoothly from strength to stretching in this results-oriented form of group training. You will suspend your body weight to add resistance and strengthen your muscles. Stretching done in between sets on opposing muscle groups allows your muscles to recover and reset. Sometimes called ‘body sculpting’, this technique has been used to even out the body and function properly. In between strength and stretching you’ll also be doing cardio intervals. So you get a flex, stretch and pump effect. The added equipment gives variety and depth to the routine. BOSU can be an extraordinary way to challenge balance and core strength while DB’s can make exercises infinitely challenging for maximal results. Your instructor will match your level to the appropriate additions. Enjoy TRXtra!

Core & Cardio

Wednesdays @ 9am

Our Core & Cardio class is a combination of targeted strength and conditioning with an emphasis on core during 20+ minutes of class. Build your cardiovascular endurance with challenging mid to high intensity strength, power and cardio circuits to finish out the last 20+ minutes. Options are available for most fitness levels.

Outdoor Functional Five

Wednesdays @ 10am

Multi level class is designed to challenge you in a functional way and provide a total body workout. Beginning with a neurological warm up to create a mind-body connection, the focus then shifts to strength utilizing proper form and posture, cardiovascular training and core work to keep you moving through life with confidence. Open to all levels of ability.

Strength & Cardio

Saturdays @ 9am

Strength & Cardio class is a full body workout with an emphasis on core strength utilizing suspension training, cables, free weights and floor work. Stabilize shoulders and mobilize hips along with strengthening all aspects of the core to create a strong, functional body. Options given for most fitness levels.

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